Understanding the Branding Process

Branding is more than just a marketing ploy.  To be successful at creating a solid brand, the business must understand what a brand is.  A “Brand” is more than a product or a service. A brand is the total package.  Without the brand, the product is just a commodity.

How the business augments the product or service, consistently over time is what creates the brand.  If the augmentation can not be kept up over time, the brand will lose its value and become a commodity.

A business should think strategically about the augmentation, as it should be consistent across all product or service offerings.  Think about some of the major brands, American Express, BMW, and Mercedes.  They have built a solid brand that is consistent across their product offerings and even more importantly, across time.

The business should be cognizant of the value perceived by the customer.  If the customer does not perceive that their is value in the brand, the brand will not last.  The business should consider in their marketing efforts for example, how they portray their offering. For example if a wallpaper manufacturer shows an incompetent DIY person easily applying their paste and paper, it could be perceived as being more suitable for “idiots”.

The business should never lose sight of the fact that the customer forms a mental image of the brand message and if that message is negative, they have lost at the onset. However, if the image is a positive one, then the message has been successful and the brand receives an increase in perceived value.

A consistent marketing message is important in creating a valued  brand. The more consistent and appropriate the message, the higher the perceived value.  To be successful, a brand must have a clear statement of intent about the specific purpose and audience the product or service is targeting.


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